Fire and Safety Australia

Fire and Safety Australia

Education / Tutoring
747 The Horsley Drive
Smithfield, NSW
Australia’s leading provider of Nationally Accredited safety training.


Fire & Safety Australia deliver Nationally Accredited training to over 40,000 participants annually.

FSA deliver professional, engaging and practical training and offer 100 % money back guarantee.

Our Trainers are qualified in their fields and have years of industry experience.

With a range of training course fire and safety Australia have available to keep your staff safe and your business compliant:

- Fire training (Warden, Extinguisher, NSW Healthcare training)

- Safework NSW and Worksafe ACT approved HSR training

- First Aid training

- Electrical Supply Industry Training

- Driver Training

- HAZMAT training

- Mines Rescue training

- Public Safety Training Courses

- WHS training

- Confident Space training

- Health and Safety Representative training

- Safety Training

- Heights and Rescue

- High Risk Work license training

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